Intersectionality of Gender and Race: Analyzing Impacts on Individual Experiences in the Workplace, Healthcare, and Criminal Justice Systems

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Zunaira Shafaqat
Nabi Jalil
Shumaila Naz


This study investigates the intersections of gender and race, examining their combined impact across various social contexts including the workplace, healthcare, and the criminal justice system. Utilizing a mixed-methods approach, the research uncovers how these identity markers intersect to shape experiences of discrimination and privilege. The analysis reveals nuanced patterns of inequality, highlighting the need for targeted social justice initiatives. Despite its insights, the study faces limitations in data scope and representativeness. The findings advocate for policies that recognize and address the complexity of intersectional identities, emphasizing the necessity for more inclusive and effective social interventions to mitigate deep-seated disparities.

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Zunaira Shafaqat, Azra Naheed Medical College

Physiotherapist, Azra Naheed Medical College

Nabi Jalil, University of Chester, UK.

University of Chester, UK.

Shumaila Naz, Govt Khwaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College, Sialkot

Senior Physiotherapist, Govt Khwaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College, Sialkot