Insights-Journal of Life and Social Sciences

The Insights-Journal of Life and Social Sciences is a comprehensive academic publication that serves as a critical platform for interdisciplinary research bridging the life sciences and social sciences. This journal offers a wide-ranging scope that appeals to a diverse academic audience, encompassing key areas such as:

  1. Core Social Sciences: Includes research in sociology, anthropology, psychology, criminology, political science, history, geography, social policy, social work, and education. These fields explore the complex social dynamics, cultural phenomena, and organizational structures that define human behavior and societal development.

  2. Life Sciences: Features cutting-edge studies in biology, biochemistry, and environmental science, providing insights into the biological underpinnings that influence and are influenced by social factors.

  3. Public Health and Policy: Dedicated to advancing research in public health and its interplay with social policies, focusing on how societal factors affect health outcomes and how science informs health policies.

  4. Interdisciplinary Studies: Encourages research that spans across societal and biological domains, exploring how these fields interact to address complex issues at the intersection of society and biology.

  5. Literature and English Studies: Covers scholarly work in English and literature, emphasizing how language and literary analysis provide deeper understandings of cultural and social contexts.

The journal caters to a broad academic audience, offering content relevant to undergraduates, graduates, and professionals seeking to deepen their understanding and contribute to their fields. Degree-specific research is highlighted, reflecting the educational pathways in both the life and social sciences—from Bachelor to Master levels across various disciplines. By bridging diverse disciplines, the Insights-Journal of Life and Social Sciences fosters a holistic approach to understanding the intricacies of life and human social structures, promoting a richer comprehension of the interconnectedness of our world.


INSIGHTS-JOURNAL OF LIFE AND SOCIAL SCIENCES (IJLSS) is an international, peer-reviewed, quick-refereeing open access journal that has been published biannually since January 2023 by HEALTH AND RESEARCH INSIGHTS. The journal aims to engage an interdisciplinary audience and authorship with a focus on real-world research. It welcomes submissions from a diverse range of fields, including education, anthropology, criminology, geography, history, political science, psychology, social policy, social work, sociology, and more. Through its efficient and rigorous double-blind peer review process, Insights-Journal of Life and Social Sciences strives to deliver the latest relevant and emerging scholarship in the field to both academia and the broader public, thereby solidifying its role as a dynamic forum for discourse in life and social sciences research and academic debate.


Vol. 2 No. 1 (2024): 2024

Published: 2024-04-30

Cultural Perceptions and Acceptance of Genetically Modified Foods: A Cross-Cultural Survey Analysis

Hafiz Muhammad Umer Maqsood, Haseeb Ur Rehman, Sana Kamran (Author)


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